Get Your Dingy Car Squeaky-Clean

Take advantage of our self-service car wash in Niagara Falls, NY

Is your dirty car bringing you down? Don't worry - you can find an affordable self-service car wash at Eco Friendly Bottles and Cans Redemption Center. We have the cleaning materials you need to restore your vehicle's showroom appearance. Since you're in control of cleaning your car, you can take your time washing away the dirt and grime on your car's body and tires. Once you finish, your car will look like it just drove off the lot.

Check out our self-service car wash in Niagara Falls, NY today.

3 things to know about our car wash

If you've never used a self-service car wash before, don't worry - it's easy. You might even think it's fun! Here are some fast facts to know before your visit:

  1. We're a 24/7 car wash, so you can come whenever it's convenient
  2. We only charge $3.50 for the first 5 minutes, then 25 cents for every additional 30 seconds
  3. We run an environmentally-friendly car wash, so you can clean your car with peace of mind

Still have questions? Call 716-589-0188 now to ask us anything you want to know about our 24/7 car wash.

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